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This Gold & Ginger inspired bed didn't last long. Learn how to create your own raised design

When my new Gold & Ginger tea towels and pillows arrived, one of the designs immediately inspired me to pull out one of the bed frames I have in storage.

I wanted the bed to pair particularly well with the bee and honeycomb design, but also be versatile enough to work in a wide variety of bedrooms.

I painted it with Miss Mustard Seed milk paint, using 50/50 mix of Mustard Seed Yellow and Grain Sack.

My intention was to create a piece that would showcase my new pillows for a few weeks, and to demonstrate the capability of my products to update your old pieces to fit (or be the centerpiece of) new interior designs. The bed was sold in less than twenty-four hours. So much for my original idea, but I'm not complaining! Time to pull out the next bed! Creating Raised Designs with Embossing Plaster

For the raised design I used a MMS stencil and Country Chic's Roasted Chestnut embossing plaster, which I painted over and distressed once it was dry.

I took some photos of the process if you're interested in trying it yourself. All of the paint and materials I used in creating this piece are available in our store.

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